Ten thousand extra homes can be built over the coming years in The Hague Zuidwest, according to the municipality’s spatial analysis. The Municipal Executive is aiming to turn the area into a pleasant city neighbourhood again as it was intended when it was first constructed in the 1950s. The new flats will mainly be low-rise buildings.

This week Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis (Housing) presented the municipality’s first plans for The Hague Zuidwest. The 4 neighbourhoods (Moerwijk, Morgenstond, Bouwlust and Vrederust) currently have 70,000 residents but they will get more housing. In total there is space for 10,000 extra homes to be constructed. Most of the new buildings will be low-rise with a maximum of 50 to 70 metres high.

The initial focus will be on fixing up the areas around De Uithof, the Leyweg shopping centre and the Moerwijk train station. Most of the new housing will be constructed in the free (private) sector for middle income earners. The current number of social housing complexes (22,500) in the market will not be affected. In many cases social housing will be torn down and replaced by new and more sustainable complexes.

Protecting the green space

Zuidwest is spacious and green with the Zuiderpark, canals and Uithof. The Municipal Executive aims to protect these green areas while reinforcing the local economy and liveliness. This means renewing the outdoor space and turning the Leyweg back into a lively centre of commerce. The investments should make Zuidwest more attractive.

The municipality is hoping before the summer to sign a covenant with commercial parties and housing corporations on a joint approach for Zuidwest.



Source: www.denhaag.nl/en