The International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen has become too popular for the summer festival season. For security reasons, this year’s event will be held after the peak summer months. The organisers are currently in consultation with the municipality about new dates for the festival that can be viewed on the coast for two consecutive weekends each year.

The last edition was extremely busy at Scheveningen. So much so that according to Mayor Pauline Krikke there were concerns about the safety of the visitors. Although no incidents have occurred, the mayor now wants to postpone the event. She also wants extra attention to be paid to the accessibility of the emergency services. The number of shows per day may be reduced in consultation with the organisation.

Increasingly large crowds
Organiser Bjorn van Dijl agrees that the fireworks festival will be moved to a later date. “Safety comes first and foremost. Our festival is getting more and more popular and I don’t want to say that we were narrowly successful for the previous edition, but it wasn’t quite as it should have been.”

Due to work on Noordboulevard, festival visitors only had the beach and a very small piece of boulevard at their disposal, Van Dijl confirms. “The crowd all had to go up Palacestraat, a sort of bottleneck. In hindsight that was too tight.”

The first weekend of the festival attracted 100,000 visitors on Saturday last year. Afterwards, motorists were travelling for up to three hours in the car to get out of the city. Visitors had also had a lot of trouble because of the peak traffic on Scheveningen.

Reason enough for the organisation to do things differently this time. “We are now looking for the most suitable weekends in September. We are also looking for the best location,” says van Dijl. “The festival will look a little different than the past seven years!”