The PvdA party in The Hague wants free drinking water to be made available at all festivals in the city. Council member Janneke Holman makes the call after Saturday from several festival-goers from The Crave Festival in the Zuiderpark that a bottle of water cost 4.50 euros.

“Weird of course, that you have to pay more for a bottle of water than for a beer. On Saturday it was warm and sunny: sad that you have to earn a lot by asking for the first prize for a bottle of water and that there are no free taps, ”says Holman.

According to the council member, the municipality can easily oblige organizers to arrange free drinking water. “In Amsterdam it has been in the permit conditions for years: one water tap point per 150 visitors. As far as I am concerned, we will arrange this as soon as possible in The Hague. ”The PvdA has asked written questions about the issue. 

Photo: Chudy Omelogu