As of 1 June 2019 the municipality is using the company Noot for Wmo transportation. The name ‘Taxibus’ was changed to ‘AV 070’: Aanvullend Vervoer 070.

Residents of The Hague thought up the new name in a competition. The name is short, easy to remember and suits the city well.

New pass

Everybody who uses the Taxibus was informed of this change around 20 May and received a new pass. The Taxibus passes lost their validity as of 1 June. You can still use the telephone number 0900-0345 to reserve or cancel a ride.

Travelling with AV 070

Each year approximately 15,000 residents of The Hague use this form of supplementary transport.  AV 070 is for people with a disability who are not able to travel on their own or with public transportation. Most of the new cars are electric and have a low entry.