The Fish Auction at Scheveningen has been designated as a national monument. The National Cultural Heritage Agency announces this. According to Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven, the Fish Auction (1962-1964) in Scheveningen is an essential example of cultural-historical developments from the reconstruction period in the Netherlands. The municipality of The Hague is also happy with the recognition.

Alderman Robert van Asten: “The fish auction is inextricably linked to The Hague as a city by the sea. Not only during Vlaggetjesdag, when the arrival of the Hollands Nieuwe is celebrated: Hard-working fishermen auction their catches daily in this architectural masterpiece. The fish auction as a monument is not only a symbol of the reconstruction period, but also of the daily life on Scheveningen. ”

9,000 tons of fish
The original building of the Fish Auction has remained well recognizable and still fulfills its original function. 9,000 tons of fish are traded here every year. The building is highly defining due to its enormous length and is almost as long as the abutment on which it was built.

New status
The new status of the Fish Auction makes it possible that with the further development of the monument, the cultural-historical values ​​are preserved. An appeal can now also be made to the government and / or the province for maintenance.