An Executive Leadership Team (ELT) has been appointed to lead the British School in The Netherlands (BSN) following the departure of current CEO/Principal, Kieran Earley, in September.

The ELT will comprise Sue Aspinall, Headteacher at Junior School Vlaskamp, Stuart de Booij, Chief Financial Officer and Paul Topping, Headteacher at Senior School, Voorschoten. The ELT has been appointed by the Board of Governors, with the full support of the OR (Works Council).

The ELT said: ‘We are delighted that Governors have placed their trust in us and look forward to continuing to work with the BSN community to provide the best possible learning experiences for our children and young people.’

Chair of Governors, Peter Bayliff, OBE, said: ‘Leadership of an individual setting is a complex undertaking; running a multi-campus school even more challenging. We are fortunate to have such confident and flexible Headteachers and senior leaders who are willing to contribute to the management and leadership of the whole school.’

The Board of Governors will work closely with the ELT, who will attend all Board meetings. A protocol of principles as to how the ELT will operate has been agreed with the Board of Governors. Paul and Sue will remain in their current roles as Headteachers of Senior School Voorschoten and Junior School Vlaskamp respectively, with arrangements in place to build in capacity.

By the end of the summer term, the Board will put in place a process to recruit a new CEO/Principal with a view to holding interviews during the winter term and making an appointment effective August 2020.