The employees of HTM strike on Wednesday 3 July from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the morning. Trams and buses hardly run that morning in The Hague. This also applies to the RandstadRail between The Hague and Zoetermeer. FNV Stadsvervoer and CNV Vakmensen had set an ultimatum to the HTM, but according to the unions there was no good offer for a new collective agreement.

Requirements for trade unions

Employees demand a wage increase, a reduction in agency work, a lower workload and an arrangement for older employees. Eric Vermeulen, director of FNV Urban Transport: “We will only take the strike as a last resort and when there is no other way. The limit has now been reached at HTM, after months of negotiating, HTM offers far too little salary increase. ”


Sanne van der Meulen, negotiator CNV Vakmensen: “The workload has been a major problem for some time. We want HTM to take the signals from employees seriously. This is possible by giving them more say in the schedules and also by giving them more air in the schedules. In addition, HTM must offer temporary workers more perspective and employ a large number of them. “


The collective labor agreement for HTM expired in January 2019 and applies to 2,000 employees. Negotiations have been going on since the end of 2018, but the parties have not yet reached an agreement.