The app ban on the bicycle started on Monday. If you can’t control yourself and are caught append on the bike, you will be fined 95 euros. The rule is that you can no longer hold your phone in your hand.

The ban does not only apply to mobile phones. You should also not hold other electronic devices, such as navigation systems, music players and tablets, while cycling. A navigation system in a holder on your steering wheel is allowed, but you can only operate it while you are standing still.

The police said they would not check specifically. A spokesperson: “But if we see a violation then we will act.” According to Veilig Verkeer Nederland, the new law must change people’s minds. ‘Traffic participants sometimes respond as if something is being taken away from them, but that is not the case. You take responsibility for yourself and for the other. “

“Can I still listen to music or navigate?”

Yet many cyclists still have questions, because they do not only use a cell phone to app. For example, a telephone is often used to listen to music or to find its way. What about that? Read the answer below.

  • Can I still listen to music?

Yes, but you are no longer allowed to operate your smartphone while cycling. So you can set a playlist so that you no longer have to search for a specific song during your ride. Or use earphones with controls to adjust the volume or continue to the next song.

  • Can I still check my route with my phone?

No, because you are no longer allowed to hold your mobile phone in your hand while cycling. You can use a special holder that you mount on your handlebars so that you can then check the route.

  • Can I still call?

No, because you are no longer allowed to pick up your telephone to make or answer the call. Veilig Verkeer Nederland advises to set your phone to ‘do not disturb’ . If it really can’t wait, cycle to a safe place and get off.