The golden checks have been handed over to the winners of Duinoord Begroot during the festive conclusion on Sweelinckplein. There are four winning initiatives that jointly fit within the € 30,000 budget. The winning initiatives are: 160 extra places for bicycles, Honey Highway, Bij-glad & sustainable Duinoord and green pop-up terraces for a more atmospheric Reinkenstraat. These plans are implemented within one year. “Of the 6,364 Duinoord residents aged 18 and older, 1,460 residents ultimately voted; no less than 23% of the neighborhood. Looking back on this, the Duinoord Begroot project is an absolute pioneer in terms of resident participation, ”said Alderman Rachid Guernaoui. After today, the initiators will get to work together with the municipality to implement the winning plans. Geuzen and Statenkwartier Begroot is expected to start in September this year.

Great involvement among residents

Councilor Rachid Guernaoui (Finance, Integration and Districts) handed out the checks to the four winning initiators: “Residents know best what is needed in their street, neighborhood and neighborhood and often have smart and practical solutions. With neighborhood budgets we motivate residents to make their own living environment more beautiful, social, safer and greener. Duinoord Begroot shows that this approach works. I am therefore very happy with the number of plans and votes submitted. ”

Bee-friendly Duinoord

Two winning initiatives are committed to a bee-friendly Duinoord. Maarten Horrevorts (initiator Honey Highway): “I am proud that we can make the bees in Duinoord a lot happier with the Honey Highway. The bee is of course also part of our neighborhood! “Marie France Meijer (one of the initiators of Bij-glad & sustainable Duinoord) adds:” It’s great that we can make Duinoord more friendly with 3 bee hotels, very many bee- happy children’s creations and happy plants. We want to launch this on the sustainable market “le Marie Marché goes Green” on October 13 – where we introduce Duinoord to sustainable initiatives for home and in the neighborhood. ”

More space and greening

The two other winning initiators cannot wait to get started for a more beautiful Duinoord. Jochem Sprenger (initiator 160 extra places for bicycles): “More frequent cycling is incredibly important to keep our city livable: no CO2 emissions, no noise and it is also healthy. The great thing about Duinoord Begroot is that locals decide together what is important to us – and with this money I will ensure that we get places for bicycles. ”Pieter van Nooten (initiator of Green pop-up terraces) adds: “I look forward to working with entrepreneurs and local residents to make the shopping street of Duinoord greener and more pleasant.”

Duinoord Budget

After the success of the Scheveningen-Dorp district budget pilot, the Scheveningen district decided to provide the other seven districts with a district budget of € 30,000 in the coming years. Duinoord was the first neighborhood to receive the money in this new series. All residents of Duinoord were given the opportunity to submit an initiative in March. The 54 submitted plans immediately appeared online and needed at least 25 votes to proceed to the next round; the feasibility check by the municipality. The 21 feasible plans for the budget phase were announced on 13 May. After this, residents with a personal voting code could divide the amount of € 30,000 into one or more plans of their choice. There was a massive response to that call. The result is the four winning initiatives, which are implemented with professional guidance from the municipality where necessary. The next neighborhood budget is for the Geuzen and Statenkwartier and is expected to start in September 2019.