Telecom provider T-Mobile is opening three 5G research locations this summer. In the ‘laboratories’ 5G-based applications are tested and the public, schools and companies can come to taste. The locations were established in collaboration with the municipality and will be located at Scheveningen, The Hague Tech and at the T-Mobile head office.

The aim is to offer a nationwide 5G network by 2020. The Hague wants to become the first city to have super fast mobile internet.

Living Lab Scheveningen, The Hague Tech & Field Lab

The 5G Living Lab will be established in Scheveningen. Here, together with local initiatives, the possibilities of 5G are explored. We look at applicability, feasibility, sustainability and implementation of smart applications to improve traffic management, safety and quality of life in the environment.

The second research lab is the 5G Field Lab at T-Mobile’s head office. Here schools and companies are given the opportunity to experiment with 5G-based applications. The third research lab is located at The Hague Tech in the Central Innovation District. Here, startups, scale-ups and experienced companies are challenged to develop practical solutions for concrete social challenges with 5G technology.