The municipality has questioned the ‘green compensation’ in which the granted expansion of Madurodam makes up for removed sections of forest with replanting in other locations.  Some parties also fear that the amusement park will not stick to the agreement and go ahead with the expansion. According to Alderman Boudewijn Revis (VVD), the worries are not necessary and all agreements are well laid out in the zoning plan.

The majority of The Hague municipal council approved the extension of Madurodam in 2017 . The park also wants to attract visitors in bad weather and therefore has plans to build covered pavilions. For this, 0.6 hectares of the Scheveningen woods must disappear.

To compensate for the disappearance of these trees, greenery is to be planted somewhere else in the city. The forecourt of Madurodam is also becoming greener and all new buildings are getting green roofs. This week, the city council must decide on the zoning plan that makes the expansion possible.

According to opposition party the Party for the Animals, the green compensation is insufficient and hardly any extra greenery is being added. “Some weeds are being removed here and there,” said Party Chairman of the Party Robert Barker during a committee meeting on Tuesday night. “And there will probably be a sign with ‘new trees’ somewhere,” he added cynically. “That does not lead to fagot. The green compensation is a piece of cake. ‘

The Haagse Stadspartij also finds it insufficient. “Why is it not stipulated that fifty percent of the forecourt must be green and that all roofs must be green?”, Joris Wijsmuller of the Haagse Stadspartij wondered. ‘In 2017 when we were planning his, we had set conditions. Those conditions must be included in the zoning plan but somehow that is not the case. “

Passed station

In 2017, GroenLinks party voted against the expansion, but now GroenLinks is in favor of the zoning plan. “We are still opposed to enlargement, but the previous council has agreed to it, so it is a past agreement we must work with,” said GroenLinks councilor Mariëlle Vavier.

That is why GroenLinks wants to agree to the zoning plan, but the party is worried. “We want the assurance that the forecourt will be green and that the expansion will be one-off.” According to the party, it is a worry that Madurodam may want to expand again in a few years.

Green compensation

But according to Alderman Boudewijn Revis, the worries are not necessary. “The green compensation has been assessed by the province of South Holland,” he said. “So it’s enough and I think it will make the city more beautiful.”

The alderman is also confident that it is a one-off expansion. ‘The council itself has determined that there will be no further expansion. And the council is the highest governing body in our city. You can rest assured that all agreements made in 2017 will be honored. ” On Thursday, the city council will make a final decision on the zoning plan for Madurodam.


Source: OmroepWest

Photo: Richard Mulder