“It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” You have undoubtedly heard the legendary words of astronaut Neil Armstrong in the past few weeks. On the night of 20 to 21 July 1969, people walked the moon for the first time. This weekend is exactly fifty years ago and you could not have failed to notice that this is extensively commemorated. Various tourist attractions in the region offer you the opportunity to experience or relive this historic moment in a cheerful way.

“Um… yes, that is a very good question,” says Rob de Winter of the Museon in The Hague when he is asked the cliché question where he was at the time. “I was just a little boy, I think I was in bed,” he laughs. What he still remembers are the days after that. ‘It was widely measured on television. The images were repeated endlessly. “


The Museon is one of those places in the region where the moon landing is central this weekend. And not without reason: the Museon is the only place outside the United States where a truly authentic piece of moonstone can be found. In fact: it may even be touched. “It’s a loan from NASA. There are ten in the whole world. Nine in America and one with us. So you can touch the moon in The Hague!’, says Rob de Winter. “It’s a distinct feeling,” he adds. “It feels a bit like slate; it’s slippery.”


The moonstone is in the André Kuiperszaal, where you can find the exhibition that was made together with the astronaut. In addition, there is also the temporary exhibition ‘Traveling in Space’ in the Museon. Visitors can discover the conditions that you must meet to enter the room yourself. 

Source: Omroep West