The social organisation IDHEM for Poland, among others, has called on people not to swim in the sea when drinking alcohol. They made the call after two Poles drowned in the sea at Wassenaar this weekend. “With drowning deaths involving Polish people, alcohol often plays a major role,” says Ania Paszak of IDHEM.

The police did not disclose the cause of the accident, but it is clear that the circumstances of the sea were favorable. “There are many possible causes such as recklessness, overestimation of their skills and the unskilled practice of water sports. But alcohol often plays the biggest role,” says Paszak.

A survey by Omroep West at a Polish supermarket yielded the same picture. In particular the combination of alcohol with too little water training is experienced as dangerous. “I come from a small town in Poland and there was no swimming pool. So I can’t swim,” said one woman. Another woman adds to her: “I am 35 and I have never had swimming lessons. In Poland you have to pay for private lessons yourself. Because Polish people drink a lot of alcohol, it can cause problems.”

More than twenty Poles drowned

The accident does not stand alone, because 22 Polish people drowned in the sea near the Netherlands in the last four years. Also not much is done to get that figure down. Nevertheless, the IDHEM organisation hopes that their appeal will be successful. “I hope people read it and think twice before they jump into the water,” Paszak concludes.