The Hague rescue brigade has had a busy week. With the record temperatures of last week, people flocked to the beach and the sea to cool off. And they ran into problems several times. “It was extreme,” says a spokesperson for the Rescue Brigade The Hague. “You see people who don’t grow up by the sea don’t know how to swim in the sea.”

The rescue brigade had to act fifteen times in The Hague to get a drowning person out of the sea, and fourteen times they could intervene just in time to prevent a life-threatening situation. Last Friday, for example, they had to perform at the Zuiderstrand of Scheveningen, where two Polish men drowned last Sunday . ‘Bystanders could get a drowning person out of the sea here, after which we provided further assistance. Fortunately, this person was able to go home after treatment for the ambulance. But we immediately hoisted the flags that it is dangerous and people are not allowed to swim there. ” 230 times first aid had to be applied and seventy children lost their parents on the beach.

That the Hague rescue brigade has been busy is because of the many tourists who populate the beaches, according to the spokesperson. ‘People come to the beach from home and abroad who did not grow up with the sea. It is important to have a good technique. People try to swim straight back from the sea, but then you get exhausted while swimming. It is important to go back diagonally from the sea and be led to the beach in this way, “says the rescue brigade.


Where the rescue brigade had a busy weekend, it was a quiet week in our region for the Royal Rescue Society (KNRM). In contrast to the rescue brigade, the KNRM focuses primarily on helping water sports enthusiasts. “Experienced water sports enthusiasts often go out to sea, and beginners opt for the Randmeren and the IJsselmeer,” explains a spokesperson. ‘We have been extremely busy there last week, but on Scheveningen beach we only had to take action four times last week. That’s really surprisingly little. “