‘Student and City’ expects many new international students to arrive to The Hague in August and September. The platform is a cooperation between all higher education institutes and the Municipality of The Hague aimed at improving The Hague as student city. Finding a house can be difficult for new international students. You can help an international student by temporarily offering a private room in your home.

Would it not be great if you could share your experience as international in The Hague region with a young international student? You could help him/her settle in and become accustomed to the city, the culture and the Dutch. It goes without saying that it is up to you to decide the length of your guest’s stay, what rules apply during the stay and whether the student should contribute financially by paying rent. This is a temporary measurement until the student can find a permanent house.

Do you have an extra, temporary, private room available in your house for an international student? Do you want to help a new international settle in The Hague? Please read on what rules apply and sign-up to help a student out!

Read the rules that apply