The Peace Palace is one of the most iconic places in the city. But only admired from behind a secured gate. What is behind those doors? For the curious, the Carnegie Foundation, which manages the palace, is now opening its doors for a number of weekends.

Work Palace

The Peace Palace is actually a work palace and houses two judicial authorities: the United Nations International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Both institutions work towards one goal on a daily basis, namely the peaceful resolution of international conflicts through arbitration, mediation or justice. Because there are often sessions in the palace and these are not open to the public, it is therefore difficult to give guided tours.


Because there are many special objects from all over the world hanging in the so-called ‘Temple of Peace’, it sometimes happens that something goes wrong. Thus the palace received a fountain as a gift from Denmark. A note on the boxes expressly warned not to put the fountain outside, but inside. Due to miscommunication, the fountain ended up outside in the courtyard of the Peace Palace, as a result, the porcelain fountain is cracked in a few places.


Photo: Jiuguang Wang