Everyone knows somebody in his or her surroundings who is alone and has nobody to do fun things together with. In the Ypenburg area ‘Leuke Luitjes’ will match up people in the neighbourhood who are the same age and who would like to do things together.

Leuke Luitjes aims to bring seniors aged 60 years and older in contact with one another in order to do nice things together. Examples include cycling, walking, drinking coffee, eating, visiting a museum, attending a concert or taking photos or knitting. Following an initial meeting online, a face to face meeting will be arranged with a cup of coffee or tea. If it is a good match, you can meet more often.


Sign up

Are you interested or do you know somebody who may be interested? Sign up. It does not cost any money to take part. Leuke Luitjes is made up of volunteers who are working to achieve social cohesion and less loneliness. More information can be found on the website www.leukeluitjes.nl.



Source: www.denhaag.nl/en