Along the Scheveningen coast, two tornadoes were seen on Monday morning. The funnel-shaped phenomena did not enter the country.

Last Friday, Amsterdam was startled by a large whirlwind that raged over the capital. In addition to causing a great deal of damage, the tornado  also produced  spectacular images that quickly circulated on social media.

Tornadoes can be very local and only arise in certain weather conditions. For example, the differences in temperature between the air at the surface of the earth and those at high altitudes must be very large. It is almost impossible to predict where and when the covers will occur. What is certain is that they originate mainly in the summer, under storm clouds.


The tornadoes this week could also be seen from a great distance, according to a few photos posted on Twitter. ‘Looking out the window at the right time’, twitter Michelle, who took a photo from the JuBi building in the center of The Hague.


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