ADO Den Haag icon Tom Beugelsdijk has concluded a wonderful week in a wonderful way. Thanks in part to his striking header (the 0-1), ADO won 0-3 on Sunday at RKC Waalwijk. Earlier this week the defender heard that he would be a father in a few months. The other two goals from The Hague came in the name of striker Tomas Necid.

Necid scored both of his goals after the break. The attacker saw RKC goalkeeper Kees Heemskerk miss five minutes after the tea when he shot the ball with a mop ball. He made the third goal of the afternoon from a penalty kick.

ADO therefore had little to fear from RKC Waalwijk during the match. The people from Brabant had much more possession of the ball and more often shot at goal, but they didn’t get dangerous. The Hague crew did show how you create and finish opportunities. In addition to the striking header of the Beugelsdijk living on a pink cloud , an ADO counter also caused a great deal of danger in the first half. Elson Hooi did not put it back properly on a rushed Necid.

Small party

The second half the football was not good. RKC made cramped attempts to set up attacks, but often saw well-playing defense duo Beugelsdijk and Shaquille Pinas on their way. During one of ADO’s sparse attacks, captain Aaron Meijers was shot down in the RKC’s sixteen. The referee was resolute and pointed to the spot. Necid shot the chance.

In the last ten minutes, the supporters from The Hague built a party. The festive spirit could be increased if the ADO attack was sharper. RKC gave more and more space away and substitute Thijmen Goppel was unable to profit. The residence club had to deal with a small setback when Danny Bakker received his second yellow card after ninety minutes and had to leave the field. Despite that, after the last whistle on the field, a small party started and it was celebrated that the team was rid of the hateful zero.

RKC Waalwijk – ADO The Hague scoring progress : 0-3 (0-1)

  • 0-1 Beugelsdijk
  • 0-2 Necid
  • 0-3 Necid

Setup RKC Waalwijk: Heemskerk; Van Weert, Meulensteen, Delcroix, Quasten (’79 Vente); Rienstra, Spierings, Tahiri; Maatsen (’55 Sow), Bilate, Bakari (’67 Seys)

Setup ADO Den Haag: Zwinkels; Van Ewijk, Beugelsdijk, Pinas (’77 Cannon), Meijers; Bakker, Goossens (’77 Malone); After all; Ould-Chikh (’66 Goppel), Necid, Hay

Referee: Van der Graaf
Yellow cards:  Sow (RKC Waalwijk)
Red cards: Bakker 2x yellow (ADO Den Haag)