The five night permits for catering establishments outside the center of The Hague are forgiven. It concerns five extra permits in addition to the existing cases that may remain open during the night. 

The night permits are for the Zuiderpark attraction center, De Gouden Wok restaurant, Sun Palace party center and two permits for the Opera hall center. The catering establishments may remain open until 6 am on Thursday nights on Friday, Friday on Saturday and Saturday on Sunday.

Forty other restaurants were allowed to stay open during the nights. Free opening hours apply to the Plein, Grote Markt, Buitenhof, part of the Spui and Scheveningen boulevard.

First step

The new exemptions stem from the coalition agreement that Hart has concluded for The Hague / Groep de Mos, VVD, D66 and GroenLinks. It states that ample room is being given to the hospitality industry. This is an express wish, especially for Hart voor Den Haag / Groep de Mos. With the extra night exemptions, the Commission takes the first step in this direction.

But a number of opposition parties opposed the scheme, mainly because the permits were granted on the basis of the ‘who comes first, first served’ principle. As a result, the parties feared that the exemptions would go unquestionably to the first five applicants. Moreover, the Opera center was there like the chickens to apply for a night permit. And according to the opposition that is at least striking, because the Opera is a sponsor of Groep de Mos. The night license applies for ten years.