The population in our region is growing strongly until 2035. According to a forecast by Statistics Netherlands, Rijswijk has nearly 30 percent more inhabitants in that year than in 2019. The number of residents in The Hague is increasing by 15 percent.

According to the CBS, the big cities are relatively young. They grow mainly because more children are born than people die. Moreover, migrants, expats and international students like to settle in large cities. Rijswijk grows mainly because many young couples from The Hague settle in for new construction.

Zuidplas (20.6 percent), Delft (18.9 percent) Waddinxveen (17.8 percent), Zoeterwoude (15.8 percent) and Alphen aan den Rijn (14.3 percent) are also expected to grow substantially. In our region in 2035, only Wassenaar (-1.7 percent) and Midden-Delfland (-0.1 percent) will have fewer people than in 2019.

Particular growth around large cities

Until 2035, the population in the Netherlands will increase by around 1 million people to 18.3 million. Almost three-quarters of the growth ends up in the large or medium-sized municipalities of at least 100,000 inhabitants.