A group of Dutch Moroccans have called on the Dutch government to support them in their campaign to end the legal requirement that makes them automatically Moroccan nationals.

The group say in an online manifesto that they are being forced into accepting Moroccan nationality against their will. ‘After 50 years, we yearn for full-blown Dutch citizenship, in the Netherlands and abroad,’ the manifesto states.

‘We want to be free to decide whether or not we want dual nationality, not to be required to be subjects… of a state we do not wish to be connected to.’

Morocco and the Netherlands signed an agreement facilitating Moroccan workers to come to the Netherlands in 1969, sparking the first wage of emigration. According to the Volkskrant, it is up to the Moroccan authorities to decide on dual nationality issues.

The 12 signatories range in age from 18 to 65 and cover a range of professions. Other Dutch Moroccan organisations have also asked the Dutch government to campaign on their behalf for less interference from overseas, the Volkskrant said.


Source: DutchNews.nl