This year again residents can together decide not to light any fireworks in their neighbourhood over New Year’s. To demarcate the firework-free zone you can hang up cardboard signs, which are available from the municipality.

Are you a resident and would you like to organise a firework-free neighbourhood over New Year’s? Below you will find tips for organising this:

  1. Make clear rules with your neighbours on lighting fireworks and firecrackers in and around a street, square or playground or nearby a green area.
  2. Demarcate the firework-free zone clearly. Are there residents who do not want to take part? Take this into consideration as well.
  3. Make sure that all resident in the firework-free zone are in agreement with the rules. This is key to making the initiative a success.
  4. Contact your local police bureau to inform them about what you agreed upon.
  5. Hang up the signs along the border of the firework-free zone by 31 December at the latest.
  6. Make sure that the signs have been removed by 3 January and that the neighbourhood is clean and tidy.

The municipality and police will not enforce the rules in these areas. The municipality will rely on the residents themselves to enforce the rules.


To apply for the signs for your firework-free zone visit