Mayor of The Hague Pauline Krikke has just announced her resignation on her Instagram page. ‘It is difficult for me, but I have just asked the King’s Commissioner to give me an immediate resignation. I have been the mayor of The Hague with all my heart, “she says in a video. The city council will meet as a matter of urgency on Sunday evening at 8 p.m. for a meeting about how to proceed with the city council.

Krikke had come under fire after hard conclusions from the Dutch Safety Board about the course of the last New Year’s Eve. According to Krikke, the upcoming debate about the report of the research council on the bonfires in Scheveningen is increasingly focusing on its functioning . “The debate about my future hinders the debate about the future of The Hague. I cannot help but do the same as what I asked my aldermen to do, not to stand in the way of the progress of thinking and doing in The Hague. “

With the latter, Krikke is referring to the temporary resignation of councilors De Mos and Guernaoui suspected of corruption. The mayor then asked the two aldermen to step down temporarily.

What now?

The College of The Hague decides in the short term who will take over the duties of the mayor who has stepped up. Alderman Boudewijn Revis is seen as the most logical candidate. He is the second deputy mayor. The first deputy mayor is Richard de Mos, one of the two aldermen to whom the judicial investigation is being conducted because of the corruption affair. During this investigation, De Mos has laid down his duties and is therefore not eligible to take over the duties of Krikke.

From the beginning of this week, Commissioner of the King, Jaap Smit, is looking for an acting mayor . To this end, Smit first enters into discussions with the group chairmen of the Hague city council.

Krikke was mayor since March 2017 . It is not the first time she was under attack in The Hague. Last year she had to go through the dust after a stabbing day on Liberation Day. A Syrian stabbed three random people in the street . Krikke said shortly after the stabbing that the perpetrator was known as a confused man and that there were no signs that there was more to it. Later it turned out that the police had already investigated possible terror plans of the Syrian. A vote of no confidence in Krikke did not get enough support from the city council. 


Photo: Krikke speaking at GES The Hague earlier this year