The cabinet cannot guarantee that the renovation of the Binnenhof will start in the summer of 2020. Responsible State Secretary Raymond Knops warns the House of Representatives that the renovation may be delayed by one year.

According to Knops, there are four major risks for the renovation. An adopted proposal from D66 leader Rob Jetten for more support from the House of Representatives may pose a danger to the renovation planning. Jetten arranged millions more to help politicians with work in the Chamber, which means that more employees will work in the Chamber building. Therefore more space is needed for that.

Additional requirements that the House of Representatives sets for IT security in the new building can cause delays, as can the shortage on the construction market.

It was previously known that the nitrogen ruling of the Council of State can throw a spanner in the works. The problems related to nitrogen emissions appear to be considerable. The cabinet’s new calculation method shows that small adjustments to the buildings around the Binnenhof are already causing too much nitrogen emissions. “Even if the cleanest equipment were used,” compensating those emissions is not enough, Knops writes.


Source: OmroepWest

Photo: Marcelo Campi