The 18-year-old street organist Jordy Pastoor wants to shout it off the roofs: the Dutch street organ culture has been included on the list of Intangible Heritage in the Netherlands: ‘Finally recognition’, according to a cheerful Jordy. ‘You know, the barrel organ is just typically Dutch. It belongs to the Netherlands. “

Not everyone finds the sound equally beautiful, but the street organ culture on the Dutch streets is a tradition that is cherished by many. And that is desperately needed, because the traditional Dutch profession is under pressure: “In the past there was a street organ on every corner of the street, but that is no longer the case,” says Jordy. “And that’s a shame, because it’s a wonderful job.”

The love for the barrel organ was raised with him. Jordy grew up among the barrel organs: ‘My father had one with which he stood on the street. And I was already wrong as a baby. So yes, that’s how I took over the virus’.

Organ man since he was eight

Jordy is now 18 years old and has been with his own organ on Diamantlaan in Leiden for ten years. “When I was eight, I got a little organ with a CD player. With that, I went to the street every Saturday. At the age of thirteen I got a real barrel organ. Donated by donors and a market vendor around here. But they complained about this: the noise would be too loud. I then switched to a small organ again. “

According to Jordy, complaining about barrel organ is unfortunately part of the course: ‘Sure, there are always bad apples in between. But most people always respond very happy and positively when I stand with my organ. And that’s what I do it for. The contact with the people is simply very beautiful about this profession. “

Clink in the bowl

Jordy is very happy that the street organ culture is now on the list of Intangible Heritage. ‘Hopefully this will ensure that there are more positive reactions. And that we continue to keep traditions. There are revolving organs where you can already pin. Well, I really don’t like that, I just want to hear that euro ring in my bowl! ‘


Source: OmroepWest

Photo: Jordy Pastoor