Farmers will protest at noon on Monday afternoon at the provincial government office in The Hague. According to spokesperson Marijn Vermeulen from agricultural organization LTO Noord, dozens of farmers will come to protest against the regional policy rules on nitrogen. “We want to be part of the solution. Talk to us’, Vermeulen explains the message.

According to Vermeulen, the regional nitrogen rules are even more severe than the national rules. ‘That’s why the size is full for farmers. Many farmers have already been to The Hague on 1 October , but we still expect a few dozen. Another protest is planned in The Hague on Wednesday. ” Then farmers have announced that they want to occupy the Binnenhof .

“Our intention is to cause the least possible inconvenience on Monday,” said Vermeulen. ‘We are still in contact with the province how we are going to do that. We want to talk about the content. We we want to sit down together. “

‘Animo large nationwide’

In the rest of the country, the urge to protest is even greater. Around 500 farmers are expected at the provincial houses of Overijssel and Gelderland in Zwolle and Arnhem.

On Friday, farmers were already protesting at provincial houses in North Brabant and Friesland. In Friesland the nitrogen measures were subsequently scrapped. “This should be a wake-up call for all provinces,” says LTO Noord Dirk Bruins chairman. “We are fed up with the government not listening to us .”


Photo: kees torn