The municipality, police, fire brigade, HTM, RET, NS, Tax affairs of the municipality, the National Tax Office, Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) and Stedin held a major enforcement campaign in Bezuidenhout on Thursday 17 October.

The services followed signals from residents, entrepreneurs and professionals about nuisance, abuse and possible crime. These types of actions are intended to improve the quality of life and safety in neighborhoods.


During this large-scale area-oriented action, a total of 6 people were arrested for various reasons. 2 people were wanted by the police because they still had to serve a custodial sentence. 3 people were arrested during the on-site controls, of which 1 customer at a hospitality company had a trade quantity of drugs with him.

Public transportation check

The HTM, NS, RET and police have checked public transport at Central Station and Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië. 55 travelers were fined by the HTM, the RET by 15 travelers and the Dutch Railways by 16 travelers. They could not show a valid ticket. The amount of the fine is approximately € 55. In addition, the enforcement team fined 45 cyclists for cycling on the sidewalk at Rijnstraat. This is a major annoyance and regularly causes unpleasant and dangerous situations. The Police took 1 person found at Central Station to the Confused Persons Shelter.

Catering checks

The catering team visited 12 cases. Abuses or violations have been found in all cases. Hygiene was risky for 4 hospitality businesses. For that reason, the NVWA has issued 2 warnings and 2 fines to entrepreneurs. They have also closed 1 kitchen due to a serious danger to public health. 6 entrepreneurs did not have a waste contract. They have received a warning and must close this in the short term.

Vehicle control and road safety

The police, together with the Central Government Tax Office, tax affairs of the municipality and the parking team of the municipality, checked hundreds of vehicles from the neighborhood. During this check, the police handed out 20 fines for, among other things, technical defects and violations of traffic rules. The National Tax Office has seized 4 vehicles. The enforcement team has handed out 15 fines for incorrect parking.

Confiscated vehicles
Confiscated vehicles

Tax affairs of the municipality raised € 14,727 in unpaid tax money of which € 9,627 was paid immediately. In the district there are 7 vehicles with a wheel clamp.

Property inspections

The Pandbrigade in The Hague checked 19 buildings of which 10 were in order. A much too high rent was requested for 15 homes. The rental team can guide tenants and advise them to take action towards the landlord. Illegal construction has been found in 5 houses and 20 people do not seem to live as they have reported to the municipality. Everything was in order at 7 room rental companies, but not at 7 others. Tenants or property owners who are in violation are all notified by the municipality.

Participate and report!

The municipality and police are increasingly receiving reports from residents about suspicious and nuisance-causing situations. That’s good for the neighborhood. A neighborhood where many people make a report is less attractive for nuisance makers and criminals.
Also help make your neighborhood better. You can report this, among other things:

  • Via the municipality ‘s Customer Contact Center .
  • Via a public space report for, among other things, reports of vermin, street lighting malfunction, waste, bicycle wrecks and items that are broken in the public space.
  • Via notifications for, among other things, notifications about housing nuisance or benefit fraud.
  • You report suspicious situations to the police via telephone number 112 (emergency) or 0900 – 8844. This can also be done anonymously via Report Crime Anonymous (external link) , telephone number 0800 – 7000.
  • For reports and advice about possible domestic violence or
    child abuse, call 0800 – 2000.