In the week of 4 November 2019, the municipality will start designing 2 new dog-walking areas on Erasmusweg, between Assumbergweg and Middachtenweg. These leash-free areas replace the areas on the other side of the water.

The new leash-free areas will be ready from November 25, 2019. The current areas are then no longer a leash-free area.

Reasons for relocation

Moving the leash-free areas has 2 reasons. In the leash-free area:

  • the grass spike causes nuisance to dogs and their owners
  • is not a footpath

Because the leash-free area is an ecological zone, the municipality cannot do anything to resolve these points. That is why the municipality is now relocating the area.

Advantages of new areas

  • It is safe there by placing a hedge with a fence along the tramway.
  • Mowing happens 6 times a year, the grass cannot grow there.
  • There is a footpath.
  • Nature in the ecological area gets more rest.

Ecological zone

The Hague has a nature network with green areas and ecological connecting zones. An ecological connecting zone is a naturally arranged (often elongated) area. These green areas are connected to each other. This allows the wild animals to move to different areas, such as parks.

View the network on the Nature Network Map (link is external).