Do students have lessons on Wednesday on the day of the big teachers’ strike or not? Now it is certain that the strike will continue, despite the earlier cancellation of the Union, many parents are waiting for confirmation from their school. Major school boards in the region choose to support the action. “Precisely because this weekend the suggestion was made that teachers disagree.”

The board of The Hague schools supports the strike on Wednesday, but a spokesperson cannot yet say exactly which schools will close. ‘We simply continue to pay our teachers so that they can participate if they want. The performance of the former AOb chairman last weekend has made it all rather confusing. The expectation is that most schools that fall under our administration will close, “says Mischa van Vlier, spokesperson for The Hague Schools.

According to Ewald van Vliet, chairman of the board of Lucas Education, all major school boards in The Hague are aligned. ‘Last weekend we agreed to support the campaign. The lion’s share of primary education will be closed. Special education for children with disabilities will remain open in a number of places. All teachers will get paid. “

“Right now, as the entire sector, we must stand strong together” – Reinoud de Vries, Octant

Christian school organization Octant also fully supports the campaign, precisely because, according to director Reinoud de Vries, confusion has been caused. “Right now, as the entire sector, we have to stand strong together. This weekend we have had the impression that the teachers do not agree with each other. I think there has been a huge error of assessment in The Hague of the urgency. I am sending an email to the parents in which I also clearly explain why there is no education on Wednesday, “says de Vries.

The Christian Education Foundation in The Hague cannot yet say which schools will and will not close. This organization also supports the campaign.

The director of PROOLeiden, Marton de Pinth, writes in a letter to all affiliated schools that teachers are free to decide whether or not to participate. ‘The choice as to whether or not to discontinue Wednesday may be a dilemma. However, feel completely free in that personal choice. Whatever choice you make, I respect it. “

What does the strike look like?

This weekend, the AOb announced that the teachers’ strike on November 6 would not take place. That decision came after the cabinet announced that it would make a one-off capital injection of 460 million euros into education. The mood rose so high that the chairman of the AOb, Liesbeth Verheggen, has resigned. The promotion, now under the leadership of the Teachers in Action union, will continue as planned. According to Minister Slob, that will not be at the expense of the 460 million.

The strike of the teachers will not look like that of the farmers and the construction workers. Instead, a few regional meetings will take place and teachers will put down their work. The teachers also want to be heard via social media .