The Waalsdorp area and the so-called Oranjehotel are now protected as a valuable heritage. They must be preserved in order to keep the memory of the resistance in the Second World War alive, writes responsible minister Ingrid van Engelshoven to the House of Representatives on Tuesday. Van Engelshoven wants to turn the two memorial sites into national monuments.

In the Oranjehotel, as the Scheveningen prison was soon called during the German occupation, the occupiers detained numerous members of the resistance . Hundreds of them were then taken to the Waalsdorp area in the dunes near Wassenaar to be shot.

According to the minister, much of the heritage that recalls the Second World War is well protected in the Netherlands. The Oranjehotel and the Waalsdorp area would not be that. In addition, the minister follows advice from the National Service for Cultural Heritage (RCE). Moreover, according to the RCE, it is not only about protecting the monument itself, but also about “respectful handling and giving meaning.”

Jewish cemeteries

The minister also allocates 2.5 million euros to maintain and restore Jewish cemeteries in the Netherlands. She makes a plan for this together with the Jewish community. In addition, she will see if art that was stolen from the Jews during the war can return to the rightful owners more often.


Source and photo: Omroep West