In mid-November the municipality of Escamp will start replacing poplars that are in poor condition. This is necessary because breaking branches can cause accidents. The unsafe poplars can be recognized by a yellow dot and tape. All unsafe poplars must be replaced by the end of 2020.

After research it is clear that in total around 2,200 poplars are in poor condition. Where in the city these trees are, you will find on the map with unsafe poplars

Advice for local residents

In those places where there are more than 50 unsafe poplars, the municipality has asked the neighbors for advice. Many residents advised removing the poplars and replacing them with other trees. Residents around the Conradkade and the Houtrustlaan chose to leave one part of the poplars and to prune the other part back considerably. The municipality adopts these recommendations. Residents at all locations are also allowed to think about the tree species being planted back. An idea of ​​a resident making a work of art from a poplar tree that has recently been displayed, see for more information on

Back planting trees

A new tree is planted back about half a year to 1 year after the felling. This takes a while because the underground remains of the old tree must first be removed. New, nutritious soil is also being applied.

Hood necessary for safety

Poplars become limp and vulnerable as they age, making large branches easy to break off. This is a danger for the many residents of Hagen who walk or cycle under the trees every day. Unfortunately, several serious accidents have happened in recent years due to branch breakage. Broken branches also caused damage to houses and cars.

Poplars throughout the city

Most poplars are found in the Escamp and Loosduinen districts. These were planted after the war to quickly give the neighborhoods a green appearance. But there are also poplars in all other districts that will be replaced in the near future.

Reuse wood

Part of the wood that is released at the felling of the poplars is made available for initiatives of local residents and authorities. For example, do you want to make a bench from a released trunk yourself, do you have creative ideas for a piece of furniture, can you use branches for your garden design or do you have another good plan? Then visit



Photo: Dano