If it was up to GroenLinks party leader Arjen Kapteijns, there would  be a ban on  setting  off  your  own fireworks in The Hague. “As far as we are concerned, it would be a good idea to stop letting people lighting  their own fireworks. New Year’s Eve is not a party for a lot of people, ”says Kapteijns  to the local radio station DenHaagFM last week.

“I also walked through the city and in some neighborhoods  and it resembled  a war zone and fireworks play an important role in that.” As far as Kapteijns is concerned, in the future there should  be  organised  fireworks shows at various locations in the city. “It’s crazy that the police have accompany  the fire department because they are being attacked. These  are excesses that again occurred this year. ”

The local GroenLinks party has been for a long been in favour of  a ban and this year supported  the national parliamentary group  and the Party for the Animals on a proposal for a national fireworks ban.

GroenLinks party leader Jesse Klaver stated  in a  national newspaper, de Volkskrant,  that he is in favour of a total ban on fireworks for  domestic  use..