Johan Remkes is acting mayor until 1 July 2020. The municipality is therefore looking for a new mayor. But what does this new mayor have to meet? As a resident of this city you can join in the conversation. 

The city council draws up a draft profile sketch with input from you as a resident. This profile is the starting point for the selection of mayor candidates.

Respond online

What does the new mayor have to meet? You can respond to this question up to and including January 16 by emailing to . The responses are processed by the council in a provisional profile of the new mayor that will be discussed on 29 January.

Record on January 29

On Wednesday, January 29, the Board committee will discuss the provisional profile of the new mayor. The meeting starts at 1.30 p.m. in the council hall of the town hall. You can leave a voice during the meeting by registering before 9.30 am on 29 January via . The profile will be discussed and adopted with the King’s Commissioner in a public council meeting on 17 February.

Trust Committee

The city council plays an important role in the appointment of a mayor. A confidential committee is set up consisting of a number of council members, who prepare the recommendation for the appointment of the mayor and make the nomination of 2 candidates to the municipal council. The council sends a recommendation to the Minister of the Interior for the mayor to be appointed.

A summary profile for the new mayor

Passionate driver

The municipality is looking for an experienced administrator with a heart for public administration and affinity with the local democracy, who is transparent and values ​​integrity. A mayor who does not obscure problems, but puts them on the table clearly and with a solution-oriented vision.

At the same time, it has the necessary diplomacy. A mayor who stands above the parties and is independent and reliable. Someone who can tackle matters decisively with humor and perspective. A director who is open and accessible, connecting to all parties in the city and who is focused on reducing the distance between political government and the city. A mayor who, based on experience, feels very involved in public order and safety and acts steadfastly and consistently.

The municipality is looking for a mayor who is used to switching quickly and who moves easily in the many different situations and circumstances that a city like The Hague entails.

Regional representation

The new mayor knows how to represent our municipality in a dignified manner and can handle a wide variety of interests that the position of mayor, regional mayor, police unit The Hague, (deputy) chairman of the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Area and Security Region entails .

With the aforementioned qualifications, the municipality realizes that a lot is being asked of our new mayor, and of course also that the new mayor is or will become a committed resident of our city.