“If it is meant to be frozen, then it is frozen and nothing else should happen,” says market vendor Danny in the radio program Rob’s Tussendoortje on The Hague FM about the increase in prices for standing on the Haagse Markt. Danny says  there is dissatisfaction with the actions of the municipality. Media partner Omroep West drew the same conclusion on the market. He thinks it is probable that entrepreneurs, just like in 2016, will protest. “That point will come when the municipality of The Hague finds more protesters outside.” Danny says that people are “angry and disappointed” in the market.

“It is not a rise, this is a price adjustment that is the case every year,” says Kavish in the radio program The Hague Morning Radio on The Hague FM about the inflation correction. Within the new coalition of VVD, D66, GroenLinks, CDA and PvdA, according to CDA party leader Kavish Partiman, we still need to talk about how to deal with the report of the Court of Auditors . “The previous city government had sent a letter to the city council that contained these suggested measures. Due to all the tumult, that letter has not yet been dealt with by the city council. The measure has not yet been discussed and has not yet been implemented.”

The SP The Hague, the Haagse Stadspartij and Hart voor The Hague / Groep de Mos indicated on Monday that they were not satisfied with the upcoming inflation correction for entrepreneurs on the Haagse Markt. SP Group Chairman Lesley Arp wants to talk to the coalition as soon as possible about the Court’s report.


Photo: Haagse Markt, Facebook