A PostNL truck driver was raided on Monday evening while picking up packages in the Forepark district of The Hague. Exactly how many packages have been stolen is still being investigated, but according to a PostNL spokesperson, at least one roll container full of packages has been included.

The robbery took place around 6.15 pm. Agents arrived quickly, but the perpetrators had already fled. The criminal investigation department is now investigating the case and is looking for witnesses. The driver remained unharmed. “He was shocked but is doing well,” said the PostNL spokesperson. “He takes the time to get rid of the shock.”

A number of PostNL customers will have to wait longer for the ordered packages due to the robbery. ‘The driver was busy picking up packages from an online store. They would be taken to the sorting center. This will certainly cause a delay, “says the spokesperson. “The web store contacts the customers and arranges a new delivery time.” 

Source: Omroep West