The 23 municipalities of the Rotterdam The Hague metropolitan area started an investigation in 2019 into various tariff types and their effects on travelers. The question was whether measures such as off-peak discount, plus rate, one km rate, minimum arrangement and family rate really contributed to the optimal use of public transport. The research has been completed and the results have been shared with the municipalities so that they can prepare a response. There is no question of policy intentions or decision-making at this stage.

Marc Rosier, public transport development portfolio holder MRDH says: “The number of travelers on public transport is growing and will increase even more in the coming years. We do everything we can to meet the growing demand. We try to make optimal use of existing capacity, larger vehicles are purchased and the infrastructure is adjusted with the available resources.

In addition, a school and employer approach is starting to better distribute commuter traffic throughout the day. For that reason, the 23 municipalities also had research carried out into whether varied public transport rates contributed to the spread of travelers throughout the day. That investigation has now been completed and the municipalities can give their response until 31 March 2020. These responses will be discussed in the MRDH context on April 8 by the 23 aldermen for Traffic and Transport. Any decision-making could then take place in July. “