As part of the world wide event Record Store Day, music venue Paard once again presents a limited edition vinyl with local heroes on both sides: Tears & Marble and The Stangs. The record will be available starting from Saturday April 22.
Tears & Marble and The Stangs on limited edition 7-inch single
After having released the very first ‘Paard single’ in 2015 with songs of The Deaf and Taymir, followed by AAPNOOTMIES and Son Mieux in 2016, The Hague’s music venue Paard chose the upcoming acts Tears & Marble and The Stangs to be on this year’s edition.

Tears & Marble started out as a duo, but expanded to a four-piece band at the start of this year. They will hit the stage in The Hague for the first time since their transformation at Life I Live festival this week. The young band The Stangs opened up for renowned Dutch beatband The Kik during their national tour last year, without a single record on their name.  After releasing their first EP in January, The Stangs  are surely  one of the most promising bands of The Hague. By releasing the single, Paard is proud to showcase  The Hague’s  musical talent  has to offer. Moreover it supports the initiative Record Store Day and celebrates the come back of vinyl.

Single available online, at Vinyl Grove and with bands
The collector’s item with songs Sacred Life by Tears & Marble and Carousel by The Stangs can be purchased online via the Paard website  and at record store Vinyl Grove at Boekhorststraat, Den Haag.

The single costs €8.50 (ex. €1.50 shipping costs | only shipping in Holland).
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