The number of people choosing to take part in activity when they are on holiday is increasing, but, when you factor in the cost of travel, food and accommodation, they can be pricey affairs.

Jo Parfitt is a writer and has enjoyed several activity holidays herself. She learned to sail in Greece, to write novels in Scotland and to meditate in Oxfordshire.

“Even though you are busy from breakfast until bedtime, an activity holiday is a real tonic. It takes you out of your normal routines, away from family commitments and introduces you to new people,” says Jo, who is now running activity holidays of her own.

As a writer, author and publisher it is no surprise that Jo’s holidays are for writers, or ‘wordaholics’ as she calls them. In March she will be running a four-night retreat right here in the Hague, with her guests staying at the Hotel Mozaic.

Luckily, the experience is also open to locals not requiring accommodation but keen to discover the benefits of spending big chunks of time learning, being inspired by The Hague, its art, history and people, exploring writing in new genres and enjoying the company of a small group of like-minded people.  Days begin at 10 am and end after dinner with four hours of rest or writing after lunch. The highlight of what Jo has named Writing Me-Treat is the feedback session over drinks before dinner and should not be missed. All food, excursions and wine are included.

If you fancy the idea of taking a writing holiday at home, then find out more at

11-15 March 2018

All inclusive fee Euros 500