The Fair Fashion Lab exhibition at Humanity House opened its doors on 25 April, and on 24 May visitors have an opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes as Federica Heimler, the curator of the overall design of the Lab, offers a guided tour through the exhibition.




Fair Fashion Lab is an exhibition designed to draw attention towards irresponsible working conditions in clothing factories and the exploitation of workers. The aim of the exhibition is to encourage people to seek solutions to these problems, and create dialogue between the visitors and clothing manufacturers. For the exhibition, Fair Fashion Lab has invited six talented designers and artists to come together to work towards sustainable solutions.


The tour is specially designed to inspire and to share the vision of the artists as they were creating the exhibition. The tour will also shed light on how designers, artists and scientists view the future of a fair fashion industry while following a route along a number of interesting presentations in the Fair Fashion Lab. The tour also includes activities for the visitors themselves, such as undergoing a fashion check or crawling into a garment workshop for a while to get a feel for the dire working conditions in manufacturing facilities.


When: Sunday 24 May 2014 ~ 14:00
Where: Humanity House, Prinsegracht 8, The Hague
Price: € 10,00 (discounts may apply, children up to 12 years go free)

Reservations: online reservation advised


Author: Arto Salojarvi