Friendship, hospitality and inspiration are the three pillars the Tong Tong Fair balances on. Its 56th edition is on the way.



The annual tradition finds its way back to the city of The Hague. Ever since a group of Indonesian Dutch brought the Indonesian culture to The Hague’s zoo, the event has become popular amongst both locals as well as the Indonesian population.

The Tong Tong Fair, previously named the Pasar Malam Tong-Tong, is a place where friends and strangers, East and West and inspiration and tradition meet to join in one of the most cultural festival programmes The Hague knows.

The rich and diverse programme of the Tong Tong Fair takes place over the course of 12 days. Because of the extent of the festival the audience can find something they enjoy for sure. Dance performances from the East, music of many different genres and theatre based on the traditional and contemporary Indonesia can be seen and heard. Furthermore, different workshops make the audience dive into the importance and history of the Indonesian culture.

As food is of great importance to Indonesia and the hot spiced dishes are well-known around the globe, naturally food plays a vital role in the Tong Tong Fair as well. Therefore, the Grand Pasar brings those flavours that are known amongst the Indonesians to the Netherlands. Tropical fruit, such as the Ramboetan and Jackfruit will be flown in especially for the fair.

Moreover, cookware common amongst the Indonesian culture can be purchased. The cookware is not just shaped and formed for its usefulness. For instance, the tumpeng, the cone-shaped rice tower, has its shape, because the cone represents the Sublimity of God.


The Tong Tong brings some great international performances. Some examples are the music played by guitarist Makana, the interview with Indonesian writer Leila S. Chudori, the show performed by puppeteers Ki Ledjar Soebroto and Ananto Wicaksono, the ‘Hanoi Gypsy Tour’ and the dance performance by Dwi Mekar.

The Tong Tong Fair is a great cultural event that will be enriching and inspiring to visitors of all backgrounds. Within the busy life the city has, it truly does bring friendship, hospitality and inspiration into one’s heart.

Where: Different locations throughout The Hague
When: 29 May – 9 June 2014
Price: Day-ticket weekdays: €10.50; Day-ticket weekend: €13.50; Pasarpass 6-days: €44.50; Pasarpass 12-days: €95.70 (Discounts available)
More info: click here  (website in Dutch)

Author: Marieke van Mil