A  300-metre  plus long fence has been placed along the Binckhorstlaan construction site. The fence has peep holes which enable curious people to look at the construction site and watch the work being carried out. The design is also interactive. The fence has nearly 100 QR codes. Scan the codes and learn more about the building project or the businesses around the site.

Work site by the Binckhorst

Work site by the Binckhorst

Interactive fence

The fence along the access road of the Binckhorstlaan was designed by the WE-ARE-AMP creative bureau. The QR codes can be found on the 248 panels. The codes provide information about the project, the development of the Binckhorst and the companies next to the work site such as Capriole Cafe, MOOOF, Fokker Terminal, Skatepark Sweatshop and Jachtwerf De Haas.

Victory Boogie Woogie

The design for the fence is a combination of the forms in the ‘Victory Boogie Woogie’ by Piet Mondrian and QR codes. The large and smaller QR codes in the design work together to create movement around the fence.

Scanning QR codes

You will need a QR scanner app on your smartphone. By scanning the codes on the fence, you will see text, photos and films on the  internet.

A girl scans the QR code on the fence by the Rotterdamsenbaan

Source: www.denhaag.nl/en