Here’s a summary of highlighted events for the upcoming weekend in The Hague and surrounds. Click on the links for more details. Please check the websites of the organisers for the most up to date information and any last minute changes. Have a great weekend.

Vakantiebeurs 2018 (9 – 14 January)


With a visit to the Vakantiebeurs, you are guaranteed to be in the holiday mood. At this event, you can orient yourself to the most diverse destinations in more than 150 countries. Whether you are always dreaming of an adventurous round trip, want to relax on a subtropical island or want to get to know the Netherlands even better: at the Vakantiebeurs you are at the right place!

The Vakantiebeurs is also a complete day out! You will not only find your dream vacation, thanks to surprising activities, performances and delicacies but, you will also get to know different cultures and destinations in a fun and interactive way.


Fabian Holland has been creating music and performing since a young age. He grew up in an artistic household where performance and artistic expression were a part of everyday life, his mother was an artist and encouraged Fabian’s creativity. Fabian started playing guitar at the age of seven, taught by his father who played guitar and harmonica. His early influences came from his dad’s blues records listening to blues guys such as Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, R.L Burnside and Son House.

Fabian Later attended the Academy Of Contemporary Music in Guildford (UK), studying under the watchful guidance of the sadly missed guitar virtuoso Eric Roche. After his studies, he moved to the mountains of the Abruzzo Region, Italy, where he spent four years developing his musical style, busking, gigging and composing.

All There is in January (14 January)

“How we deal with borders is perhaps the greatest issue of our time.” (Paul Scheffer)

Hilde Elbers is one of the talented artists supported by production house DansBrabant. Together with the fantastic dancer Judit Ruiz Onandi, the duo created Yeah but no but Yeah. The oceanic duet is a carefully constructed exploration of the different intentions within a minimally shifting movement language.

Hilde has found a powerful way of exploring what it is to be human through the body. From the undulating, breathing bodies comes over and over again the question of how fluid can we be as human beings.

Dabke Night (13 January)

Dabke? What’s that? Starting with the name: in Arabic, Dabke literally means ‘stamping’. But you have to put it in the context of a modern Levantine-Arabic circle of dance. This dance is performed in Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Saudi Arabia as well as in other middle eastern countries.

The dance combines circle dancing and line dancing. It’s broadly performed at weddings, festivals and other important occasions. During this Dabke Night, you’ll see professional performances and also get the opportunity to learn this traditional way of dancing. The best part is: you never dance alone!

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