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From The Highest Point – Exhibition @ Panorama Mesdag (ongoing)

In 1880, while Mesdag was making sketches for his Panorama from the highest dune in Scheveningen, land surveyors were trekking across the entire country drawing up a map of the Netherlands. The painter and land surveyors alike sought out the highest points in the landscape: the first to create a spatial illusion and the latter to measure distances accurately. What similarities and differences were there in the approach of the artist and that of the surveyors?

The Hague Metal Fest (20 April)

After a very successful first edition, the Hague Metal festival is back. This year, the Great Hall of Paard will be renamed a real metal dome where the bands play brighter, heavier and harder than ever, headbanging is an absolute must and moshpits cannot be avoided. So there is a lot waiting for you. Enter at your own risk!

BonFire Beach Festival (19-20 April)

The sun shows itself more often, the temperature starts to rise slowly, and the whole of the Netherlands is preparing to travel en masse to the sea. Come to the coast of The Hague to kick off the beach season in spectacular fashion with us on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April during BonFire Beach Fest!

Katvanger @ Café Rooie Cor (21 April)

Katvanger. They purport to be fine, upstanding, law-abiding citizens, but collectively, Katvanger offers up a suspect rendition of the blues, revealing undocumented encounters with disreputable elements from far-flung parts of the globe. 

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